Friday, January 13, 2006

But Is There Any Slash Fic?

Sexy MF I have to say that last night's episode of Lost totally drew me back in. It was probably one of the best so far, mostly due to the righteous awesomeness that is Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje. He tore it up in Oz and he's doing so again, even without the hat. And this time his scary-ass killer character actually has a few redeeming qualities.

Of course, like any good Web addict, I noodled around today looking for junk about the episode and Lost in general. It turns out that not only are there the obligatory network site (which has been overhauled this season) and countless fan sites, but there are a couple other sites ABC put out with various puzzles and easter eggs to whet the obsessives' appetites. I don't mean "The The Official Site of the Creative Team Behind LOST", because that's basically just a large fan forum. I mean the sites for Oceanic Airlines and the Hanso Foundation. If you like Lost, check 'em out. Although they may have some spoilers.

Oh, and don't get these confused with some other "Dharma Initiative" sites out there that don't seem to have any traceable affiliation. Some of them even ask that you pay to get in! Why would I want to pay some anonymous person to see... what? Speculation? Spoilers? Flash animations? No, thank you.

As for slash? I'm sure it's out there. I'm just not searching for it. Heck, I'm still reeling at the thought that people put the effort into a Driveshaft site and this theory!

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Heather said...

You have checked out Television Without Pity's Lost boards, haven't you? Please, please, PLEASE tell me that TWP's site is high up on your bookmarks of Must-Read places! :D If you don't read it already, you MUST go there now!