Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The KKK Took My iPod Away

OK, actually it was my girlfriend, who borrowed it for her work trip upstate. I was generous and loaned it to her, even though I've only had one day to savour being able to watch TV shows on my commute - in advance of when the shows are aired in the US, I might add. She hates to fly and she is going on a prison visit, which is never fun, so I figured she could use the distraction more than I could. However, I miss it. Boo hoo hoo!

I wish I could watch it right now. (Sniffle.) Better yet, I wish I could take several days off and watch it with her on her flight, then drive back to VT after her prison visit and go skiing in picturesque, snow-filled mountains, only to return at night with my lover to a warm, romatic, firelit room in a B&B.

Dadgum you, KKK! You ruin everything!

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