Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Give My Regards to Broadway

Because I may never be able to afford a ticket to any of the shows. However, M & I still owe an outing to my Mom from last Christmas, so I decided to find out what's playing on the Great White Way.

Well, as usual, it looks pretty crappy. But what really caught my eye were some of the shows in previews. I had heard about the horrifically cheesy musical version of Lestat, which is already stinking up the review board on craigslist during its SF run. I had even noticed rumours that The Lord of The Rings was going to be tested out in Toronto, although, silly me, I hadn't realized it wasn't a musical but an "event". But now I find out that Broadway producers are so bankrupt of ideas that they are staging an adaption of an Adam Sandler movie from 1998. Granted, it's probably his only movie of quality, but still.

I believe "oy" is the word I'm groping for...

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