Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Road Trip!

Well, it's still in the works, but it's looking more and more like we'll be getting a car. I know: owning a car in NYC is difficult. Believe me, we've gone over the pros and cons. But M's family has offered to fix up and give us her grandfather's old car for free, and even with the alternative parking headaches in Brooklyn, the insurance would be cheap, so it's hard to pass up free. Plus, just the thought of getting out of town more weekends, visiting my niece and nephew when I want to or even joining Costco have me salivating.

So, why would insurance be so cheap? Well, we don't need much coverage for a roughed up 1992 Olds Royale. Yes, it's that kind of grandpamobile. Now, I wish we were getting an Olds like this
Now THAT's a Car!

or maybe even like this,

which would fit right in on 4th Avenue, but we can't live in a fantasy. What we'd be getting would be a lot more like this,
Grey Thunder
except in a lot crappier shape.
Hey, at least it's not like this,
Hootchie Olds
although... yeah, 4th Ave. And also, so bad it's just a little bit awesome, especially if two middle-class white lesbians owned it.

Anyway, the point is: whooo! Car! Uh, and the second point is: we'll have to drive it up here from Atlanta sometime this summer. Now, since we'll have to do that anyway, why not turn it into a scenic road trip? We know we'll probably want to go a bit out of our way to visit Savannah for a couple days, and that we'd prefer driving up scenic, possibly coastal roads rather than huge interstates, but where should we stop? I hear Charleston is nice, but the large amount of possible routes has got me scratching my head. So, if anyone has any suggestions, please lay 'em on me. Later, of course, I will issue a progress report on our plans and, if we take the trip, the results.

Finally, I have to say that although it's not the most attractive or sound car ever, there is a certain poigniance to my first adult car being an unwieldy Olds, as that's the kind of car with which I first learned to drive. Imagine this
Classic 70s Boat
but in a striking shade of doo-doo brown with a tan vinyl top and a wood grain dash. Awwwwwwww, yeah.

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