Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The L is for L'Crappy

I was going to say "Lame," but that doesn't cover it.

Why is it I get so excited about The L Word? Is it because it's the only show chock full o' dykes out there? I know it's going to be disappointing every time. Nevertheless, I got all a-twitter about the new season, watched some episodes from last season and remembered just how bad it was, then forgot somehow and got all het up again. Then, I finally watched the premiere and... ouch.

For some reason I think the creators are trying to make us hate every damn character. Seriously, they have all become so screwed up, stupid and just... nigh on irredeemable that it's painful to watch. Not only that, but they make a part-time character who annoyed the crap out of everyone full-time, skip 6 months of storyline into what-the-fuck? and respond to viewers' lobbying to bring the soup chef back by making her the switch that flipped Alice to batshit crazy.

And let's not talk about Jenny. Please, let's never talk about Jenny. Except to say, judging from the previews, she's about to replay the script of The Living End, which, seriously, none of us need. Ever. (Although it would at least move some of the plotlines' relevancy from 1972 to 1992.)

But, I'm sure I'll keep on watching it, because I like some of the actresses and, quite frankly, since it is the only dyke soap opera out there, they've got me by the short hairs. Nevertheless, I'm glad I've found a new cheesy show to enjoy with my s.o. In fact, despite it being a product of the SciFi channel, it's less cheesy than The L Word, and, even though none of it's characters are openly gay, it's possibly more homo-positive. We call it: StarGay.

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