Friday, January 06, 2006

Whatever Pops Into My Head

Let's play a little game called "what silly things are Da Nator thinking about today?" Ready? Go.

In the "you learn something new every day" department, I read an article in the New Yorker today that referred to "uncombable hair syndrome." Once I stopped snickering (and thinking to myself that that's what my super-curly-headed gf must have), I realized it may actually be a heart-breaking condition for some people. And, lo, so it is.

Also called "spun glass hair," one intriguing theory is that it actually was the condition that inspired the creation of Struwwelpeter, or Shock-headed Peter, of old, grisly fairytales. If you look at an old illustration of Struwwelpeter next to an actual case, it's not that far-fetched.

Check out for more fascinating hair facts, and the Dermatology Image Atlas for... a lot of disturbing stuff you really don't want to see.

Speaking of hair, be sure not to use that heat gun and paint remover that produces temperatures of 1,000 degrees as a hair dryer. You'll find that and other useful label notices Michigan Lawsuit Abuse Watch's annual Wacky Warning Label Contest.

In other news, as M and I exited the Galaxy Global Eatery after a nice lunch the other day (the place is a trying a bit too hard to be cool, but I highly recommend the smoked eel burger with tasty beet fries and a cucumber-seaweed salad), we noticed a familiar face (along with the rest of the body) on the corner. It was none other than actor Reg Cathey, who has played many roles, but we remember fondly for perhaps his greatest: Dirty Dee in Pootie Tang. I boldly challenged M to utter "wha da tai, my naby?" to him as we passed by, but wasn't bold enough to do it myself when she refused. Either that, or I'm just not a jerk who harasses actors with stupid catchphrases from their B movies. YOU make the call!

Other than that, I am looking forward to Time Warner getting their slow asses to my house this weekend to fix the cable internet service so I can start downloading music for my new iPod, and to rooting on Big Blue in the throws of playoff fever. Here's hoping they realize the potential they've been frugal with thus far in the playoffs... enough with the nail-biters, already!

Lastly - and before you think I'm just some big knuckle-dragger - I learned today why the ring finger is actually the most important one. Note: it isn't because we put rings on it, although it now seems more appropriate, somehow.

Happy weekend!

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Mickie T said...

Thanks for bringing back TRAUMATIC CHIDLHOOD MEMORIES of having Struwwelpeter READ TO ME AT BEDTIME, pal!! Well, I guess it's back to therapy again for me. Sheesh.

StruwwelPeter wasn't the only one with emotional disorders. He also had a girl friend who was anorexic (refuses to finish dinner) and a boy friend who was obese (won't stop eating). He also had a friend who was hydrophobic - he refused to wash, and was so dirty, he could turn into an African!

By the way, did you notice that Mark Twain did or could not translate "Pfui" into "phooey"? Luckily, that stayed in the American lexicon.

Thanks for the stream of consciousness.....