Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Good, The Bad and… Well, The Good and The Bad

Bad: Mrs. Nator & I recently learned that the time has come for her 93 year old grandmother to be moved to a place where she can get 24 hour care. Everyone is grieving over it, but it has become necessary for her health, as well as Mother-in-law Nator’s health, as she does a lot of caretaking on top of her full time job. Nannie hasn’t been told yet, so here’s hoping everything goes as well as it possibly can, under the circumstances.

Good: Mrs. Nator has sprung another surprise birthday gift on me! Since we most likely won’t be able to afford or fit in a trip to Maine to visit our family friend, she has booked a place in exotic Long Beach, NY for us to stay after the big snorkel. We haven’t made it to the beach nearly enough this summer, and we cold both use a romantic getaway, so this is just wonderful. Ain’t she somethin’?

Good: My friends made it home from World Pride in Israel safe! And there were no attacks by orthodox Jews or Muslims!

Bad: A bunch of queer idiots started their own scuffle with the police, causing one of the organizers to get injured and arrested. Nice, people.

Good: Manatees! Cute, gentle, amazing manatees!

Bad: Manatees in New York! Evil harbingers of increasing global warming! Manatees, go home!

Okay, not really. You're just too darn cute.


BEAST said...

Good luck with the granny , hope it all goes well.
I cant be doing with pride events , loads of freaks and screamers supposedly 'representing' everyone else.....

claire said...

AW! Manatees are f-ing adorable. Nothing cuter.

And Long Beach? Really? It never would have occured to me to spend a weekend there... maybe that's because that's where my BF's kids live.

Yeah, that would do it.

The beaches ARE lovely, though.