Monday, August 21, 2006

PoMo Posting?

So, since I have been too busy working, massaging myself after my ridiculous kickboxing workout and commenting on other people's blogs, I wonder if it can count as a post if I just link to those comments.

Does it give some kind of collage-like picture of what I'm thinking, or is it just lazy? What do you think?


BEAST said...

There is nothing wrong with embraceing your inner laziness , especially if you kick box , anybody has an issue , I nice roundhouse should soon sort em out (if you can be bothered), I am a goju ryu karate boy meself.

Qenny said...

I like collage. Collage is good.

(I think I'll link to this comment.)

Da Nator said...

Well, thank you, gentlemen.

Beast, I studied goju, myself, for several years, before my back surgery. However, it was in a feminist all-wombmine dojo where belts were considered overly Western and patriarchal and you didn't really have to hit each other, if you didn't want to, so I'm not sure where that would place me, rank or experience wise, in traditional dojos. I did pick up a lot of dates, there, though, so maybe that would another bar on my belt? ;o)