Thursday, August 10, 2006

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Because I have our Twilight Tour of Prospect Park - the last of the summer - reserved for tonight, and I want to see me some bats and wood ducks without getting soaked.

So, if any of you have any kind of anti-rain dances or spells you can put into effect for the Brooklyn area, it would be most appreciated.

Also? No exploding planes, please. Thanks very much.


Ken said...

Usually I find the best way to prevent rain is to take an umbrella with me.

But hey, we NEED the rain down here in the Florida panhandle. Send us some, please.

BTW -- I finished posting all the day-by-day info about our cruise. Plus I included the review we wrote about it for

Dopette said...

Da Nator, I hope very much that the rain stays far away from your tour. Dope and I enjoyed it so much (and drank sooo much free wine), and I bet you and Ms. Nator would too. Enjoy it, that is. And maybe the other thing also. But even if worst comes to worst, the boat is covered, so maybe they'd let you do that part anyway?

And I like the Least Weasel over on the sidebar today. I kind of feel like a least weasel some days.

Da Nator said...

Thanks, Dopette. I don't know what they do when it rains, but I hope it still involves wine & cheese, at least...

Ken, don't you guys get enough rain during the hurricane season to last all year?

I'll be over to check out the rest of your cruise report, soon. :o)

Lynette said...

please oh please inhale deeply and blooooooow hard at those rain clouds. send them our way. we're burning up and dry as a bone.

hope you get to do your thing. i love bats!! and wood ducks!!

Qenny said...

It might not kick in before this evening, but I'm sure the damage and havoc that we're wreaking on the environment will mean you won't have to worry about rain. Or maybe you'll get to much. But either way, things will change. Not quite a rain dance, I know, but I don't have my Village People outfit handy, so what can I do?