Tuesday, August 01, 2006


This should cool you off.


First Nations said...

its a turtle.
a nice turtle.
*so not getting it*
a very nice turtle.

backpost: eek on the rampaging ear infection! eek on the destroyed digestive system!
have you tried eating Ritz Crackers? honest to God, that works for me, and I'm a veteran of the sinus wars. They're the only thing I can eat that stays down and doesn't cruise right through.
I hope you feel better soon!

Qenny said...

Damn, now I've got a turtle's head.

Da Nator said...

first nations: It's so hot here, I thought it would be nice to post one of the pictures I took while snorkelling with the green sea turtles in Hawaii. Interestingly enough, when I was entering the caption for this photo in Flickr, I meant to type "Honu", which is the Hawaiian name for green sea turtles, but instead had a Freudian slip and typed "Home." On refelection, swimming with these gentle creatures was definitely one of the times I felt most at home in my life. *Sigh*

Thanks for the advice & concern, BTW. I'm taking aloe and acidophilus, so my stomach seems to be cooperating, now.

qenny: Who in the what now? Is that some sort of Britishism I don't understand, or is it some penis thing I don't understand? Or is it just a qenny thing? ;o)

Lynette said...

oh that looks like HEAVEN! wouldn't you just love to be there in the cool water, paddling around, buoyant, chilly, in absolute magnificent silence?

106 here today. the sun blazes on like the torture lights at guantanimo. i know now why bright light is so effective a means of torture . . . sigh.

hope you're feeling better!