Friday, August 18, 2006

Life Imitates Art?

I was contemplating checking out the Girodet exhibition at the Met Museum, when I came across this painting:

Scene from a Deluge

It makes one wonder if this isn’t some sort of sly prelude to the coming New Orleans after the Flood exhibition. If only all the people in the painting were brown, eh?

I’m hoping to get out to the Hopper exhibit at the Whitney, too. Which begs the question, is Spike Lee going to use any references to Nighthawks in his upcoming documentary?

Yes, I know I’m going to hell, thank you.


Qenny said...

Don't worry about it. When you think of all the people who think they're going to heaven, would you really prefer their company?

BTW, blogger has become much better at identifying and eradicating spam. I turned off my word verification, and although I get notifications of spam crap turning up, those messages get deleted automagically from my comments. Just thought you should know.

First Nations said...

i was hoping somebody would have already explained the lee+hopper=going to hell remark, or at least referred to it in a way that would have been explanatory.

am so uncool.

Da Nator said...

FN - isn't any joking about anything relating to Katrina mean one is going to hell?

If not, I still have plenty of other reasons that I'm going there.

First Nations said...

i thought it was a spike lee being the self appointed voice of the masses while wearing bally loafers and a silk shirt thing.

i have sympathy, but one wishes NA would fuckin hire a damn bulldozer and get over it. they aint the only town that got hit. one of the few with anydamn thing left standing, in fact. a couple are just names on a map now. suppose ol spike has any film to waste on them?????