Monday, August 14, 2006

The Horror

Not a lot of time to post today, kiddies. I am a victim of:

1. A very crazy day at work.

2. Recovering from some friends' birthday party for their one-year old... and said party was FULL OF BABIES!!!

3. Recovering from shock after I realized this morning that Mrs. Nator & I had completely forgotten that the So You Think You Can Dance tour went on sale this past Saturday, and is now SOLD OUT.


1. The work day is over.

2. I am presently baby-free.

3. There is eBay.

You all may now resume your normal activities.


Hanuman1960 said...

And life is good again!

Ken said...

Hey victim!

1. Stop working. I did and it is wonderful. You have no idea how much it costs -- in so many way -- to work.

2. As for babies, do what it says every time you get stuff back from the drycleaners: "Keep away from children."

3. Has any government official ever sold anything on eBay? Like a vote or two? I just might get in on that auction!