Friday, August 11, 2006

I Don't Think You Can Dance (or, A Trip With Da Nator)

Listen, bitches. Whatever kind of lame-ass, half-hearted anti-rain dance y'all did for me yesterday - you got it backwards! Sheesh.

First, Mrs. Nator got a migrane. Fortunately, the lovely Liz Van Liz was able to join me for the Twilight Tour at the last moment. And I do mean last moment, 'cause she was late. So, I amused myself by taking lots of artsy-ass photographs, like this:

Then we had some wine and cheese, while the first boat ride went. Then we had some wine and cheese. Wiiiiine and cheeeese...

Then it did this:

So, no boat ride for us, and no bat hunting. We saw one brown bat shoot by just before the heavens burst, but that was it. While we waited out the storm, Liz Van Liz was kind enough to interpret for us what the bats might have looked like, had they not all drowned in the deluge.

Then, because I refused to meander through the entire park in the dark, we walked for approximately five hundred and twenty-six hours to get to the Slope.

Then we had ice cream.

The End!


Qenny said...

I could send you a torrent file for a batman movie. Would that help?

Lynette said...

well heck, it looks like fun. wet, but fun. wish we had the rain, we are dryer than dry. had 1/100th of an inch last night, does that count?

i like your friend's batwings, also the elegant photography and the very fine juxtaposition of scaly befeathered duck feet with scaly carved columnar feet ;-)

it sucks that mrs nator couldn't go. :(