Friday, October 06, 2006

Friday Cat Blog - Guest Edition

Behold! It is Domingo Perizoso Blanco de Marzo Henry Mallery, Jr.!

Also known as Mingo, or Dodo, for short.

Domingo is my old roommate's cat, and although he now is about the size of an average 3 year old human (only a slight exaggeration), I knew him back when he was just a tiny thing who would ride on your shoulders. Don't believe me? Look:

We don't know what weird glandular problem has caused Mingo to develop in a shape and firmness approximating a wine barrel, despite how little he eats, but boy, can I commiserate with the bulky guy. Mingo may be getting older, but he is still cute, friendly and about as patient as a kitty could be with my old roomie's toddler, so who needs kittenish scampering?

I look forward to getting in some petting time with Dodo when we next go over and visit his human family. We can commence with the hour of him pretending he doesn't know me anymore and I abandoned him until he gives in for a good rubdown, drools on me and asks me to pull out the itchy, loose fur on his bloomers, just like old times.

We loooove you, Do-min-gooooo!


claire said...

AWw.. Mingo looks like a cutie. A cutie with a very long name.

Sounds like you have your weekend all set then, eh?

BEAST said...

Eeeek its pussy talk again
*Beast exits looking slightly embarrassed