Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday Cat Blog - Maya and the Change of Seasons


First Nations said...

oh! talkin' kitty!
she looks like she was watching a bug!

these are great, danator!

Doug Hoffman said...

Pretty kitty, danator ;)

Check this out:

Cat Massage

Laurence said...

If these are 4 by 3, I'd love to add a few to the carnival of the cats banner. Let me know if it's okay to add them. Thanks, -ls

Helen the Felon said...

That is one fine lookin' pussy.

Side note:
My verification word was "vqpbwfxb". It took longer to type that than my entendre-laden comment. Wow.

Ken said...

Thank you for the wonderful cat photos. I should take, and post, some of Judi and Susie. The problem is they are black cats and they sleep most of the time on a very dark green blanket. Susie did wake up for a few minutes today and between naps caught a gecko in the back yard. And HAD to bring it in the house. It was unharmed and was given its freedom -- by me.