Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Weird Shit Goin' Down

It seems that my new boss may (or may not) have been fired last night, but nobody's filling me in. Yikes. More later...

Update: Well. Even weirder. Later in the afternoon my now-former new boss' boss - the director of the department - called me in to the office. He reassured me that this was not about me, and I'm doing an excellent job. Today, however, was his last day.

Come again?

There followed a rant on how the new head of the organization was a damaged, damaged person who can never be satisfied, and how, after all the incredible progress in sales we've made in the last few months, working for him was like being in an abusive relationship. It wasn't clear if this meant the director had quit or been fired. But he was going.

Which leaves me in a different department from, but reporting to... my old boss, again. And we're reporting to... we're not sure.

Apparently, I am not fired. Because I'm only one of two or three people on location that actually knows how to do several important things, and the only one who's job it is to regularly do them. That's right, me. The one who tried to get herself laid off in the last year. The one who probably least cares about her job. Still here.

Of course, once they figure out some new ways to handle things, who knows?

But it kind of makes me giggle a little bit.



First Nations said...

this happens to my brother in law about every six months. he works in the food industry. one morning he'll be pulling into the parking lot and there'll be chains padlocked across the front door and the boss and his wife are loading boxes of booze out of the lounge into the back of their rental car.
dang. hope you still have a job left!
keeping my fingers crossed for ya!

Heather said...

I hope that not only do you still have a job, but that you have your boss's job now...

Or just a wicked good severance package that will allow you ample time to find your dream job while fully covered by your benefits and with a tidy sum in the bank!

You're wishing that it doesn't rain on just one day? Dude, our forecast is for mostly rain, and where it isn't calling for rain, it's calling for snow! Waaaah!

claire said...

ooh! this happened to us last december, like a week before xmas - was SO COOL. If anyone deserved it, he did.

good luck to you, i hope there aren't any major repurcussions.

BEAST said...

Hope it all turns out to your advantage.
Its a funny thing about corp culture , if you blatantly say 'go on make my day ....make me redundant becuase I would rather not be here' the company will go to any lengths to make sure that doesnt happen.
I guess its the same sort of thing as when you are agonising about dumping a current significant finally gather up the courage to do it...AND THEY DUMP YOU FIRST.
I felt the worst indignation ever....HOW DARE THEY...and you end up in the situation of doing anything in your power to get back the person you had decided to dump.
As a species we are ridiculous