Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Happy Bday, GWB!

No, not that GWB (shudder). I mean the George Washington Bridge, sillies!

75 years ago, this amazing structure (seen here in an approprately autumnal shot from Ft. Tyron Park) opened, setting the record for the longest main span in the world at the time. While it may have been surpassed in this and other records since, it's still pretty impressive.

I'm hoping to get a good view of it from the underside, as well as as the Jeffrey's Hook, a/k/a "the Litte Red" lighthouse, when we go on our Hudson River leaf-peeping cruise on Saturday. If it doesn't freakin' rain on that one day of the week, that is. Ahem.

I'm also determined to land on Bannerman Island someday, but that is another story.

Anyway, happy birthday, you amazingly engineered old grey lady, you! May you continue to hold strong against the mighty punishment of the elements and NY/NJ traffic.

1 comment:

claire said...

Um, if it's name is George, can it really be considered a lady? You know.. George?

That cruise sounds so nice! Jealous!!