Sunday, November 07, 2004

Go Back and Live in Your Log Cabin

Oy! So, Trio, aka The Gayest Network Ever, is showing an original documentary on gay republicans. I just caught about a half an hour of it and, mercifully, had to go do some work before it was over. My question is: are these people mentally ill?

I know that sounds derogatory, but in the light of the recent agendas that won out on Black Tuesday, it's actually a serious and valid question. People may put forth that they are Republican because it is supposed to be the "fiscally conservative" and "small government" party, but if you're looking at how the government has been run and how the deficit has exploded during das Regime des Strauchs, you have to be seriously delusional to believe the GOP still represents these "values." The "values" they do represent are now social conservatism - i.e. down with faggots and up with the fundamentalist oligarchy - and helping big business get bigger and rich people get richer. Even if you are a rich gay person, how can you ignore the fact that the Republican leaders have not just been "taken over" by the right wing Christian conservatives, but embraced them? And, if you are a gay person and you just do not care that the majority of the party you're in thinks you're sick and should be cured, killed or disappear? You, my friend, clearly have some self-loathing issues to work on. Please start expressing your masochism with good old-fashioned B/D and S/M and stop taking it out on the rest of the country, mmkay? Thank you.

Man... I think we're going to have to officially rename Autumn as "Season of the Rants"...

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