Wednesday, November 03, 2004

They Hate Us, They Really Hate Us

Well, gay marriage bans have won out, at this time, in 10 of 11 states. I’m not sure what more there is to say. Most Americans hate gay people. Love the sinner but hate the sin? I think not. Even those who say they support civil unions but not marriage for gay people, what does that mean? That we can have all of or most of the same rights, but not use the word “marriage”? Does that make any sense? That we can’t force churches to perform our weddings? That, despite the fears of the ignorant, was never a possibility or the issue. The issue is that even these folks simply think of us as defective, if not evil, and want us to go away. Despite any professions that they have gay friends and think it’s okay for us to … you know… as long as we keep quiet about it and don’t get to have the same marriage license that they do, it clearly means that they think we are less than they are, and that somehow the existence of our relationships is sick and a threat to their own, somehow. Pathetic.

So, they still hate us. After all the giddiness of Canada and Vermont and Massachusetts and San Francisco (whoops, not any longer!) and Hawai’i (well, it never got that far) we now have to recognize that if gay marriage is going to become a reality in the US of A, it’s not going to come quickly or easily. Not that I’ve given up hope. I truly believe that it can happen – by court rule or social sea change – within my lifetime. But I’m beginning to despair that if it does it won’t be before I’m looking at life from the other side of middle age.

We shall overcome… someday…?


mict said...

This is first day of the rest of our lives - and people are TALKING ABOUT US, OUR LIVES, AND WHAT HAPPENED! This is a GOOD thing. On November 1, we were whiny, shreiking, paranoid individuals, shoving our identities and lives "in the faces" of straight people who were annoyed by our strident self-righteousness.

On Nov. 4, we are the top news item and PEOPLE ARE TAKING THIS SERIOUSLY. Conventional news media are admitting on TV that same-sex marriage and so-called Christian "morality" was the sleeper issue. And while we all shout a collective "Duh! Where have you been?", we really need to focus on the fact that straight people who were skeptical may actually believe us now.

I am amazed how much more open my pro-union, pro-choice, pro-gay, pro-progressive co-workers are to talking about this issue with me the past two days. They were always supportive, but on a personal - not political level.

Think about the 2000 election: on Election Day, African Americans and other people of color who claimed voter suppression were considered whiny, shreiking, paranoid individuals, shoving "racism" in the faces of white people who were annoyed by their strident self-righteousness. Who thinks they were wrong now?....

Anonymous said...

Yeah! What she said!