Thursday, November 04, 2004

They Really Hate Us, Part II

More proof that the Bush win was less about national security and the economy than kicking some faggot ass.

Hypothetical survey for Middle Americans:

Would you rather?
a) kick Osama bin Laden's ass
b) kick some faggot ass
c) kick Jane Fonda's ass


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Anonymous said...

I have to admit... Two thoughts I had after 11/2/04 (a date which may go down in history with the destructive connotations of another date with an 11 in it...)

1. Maybe Bush is right. Maybe G-d did hand him the election. And maybe it is that irrational, angry, self-obsessed, insecure g-d of the old testiment. Maybe the world is that simple, and I'll be hanging out with all the people I think are good in a very hot place someday.

2. Maybe god really does hate fags. Shit. That's us.

But, I'm trying to overcome these morose thoughts. Help. Help me! --Sydra