Sunday, November 21, 2004

Like Dominoes

… everything has been falling. WNET, the long-beloved NYC public television station, has rejected promotions for the movie Kinsey on the grounds that the film is too “provocative.” Clearly they are running scared in the face of the conservative right. Read the article here, and then write them an angry letter. Here’s the one I sent them this morning from their site:

As long-time viewers and previous supporters of WNET, we were appalled to learn that you have refused to air promotions for the movie "Kinsey" based on the "provocative" content of the film. Although we have never been a huge fan of the promotions that have crept into public broadcasting, we understand their necessity due to the current woeful lack of funding for stations such as yours. However, it is a sad day when WNET, the public television of New York City - the most open and diverse city in the world - becomes staid or afraid of the conservative complaints of a few on the far right of the political spectrum.

Are viewers and supporters supposed to sit through annoying car commercials to watch tepid, majority-approved fare? Or can we trust you to bring us what PBS has been known for: thoughtful, broad-spectrum treatments of diverse topics we can't see on network television? Your choices as to which promos you will air reflects the direction of your programming and, what's more, it suggests a creeping retreat in the face of prejudice against a demographic that has long been supportive of and contributed to your programming - the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered community. Shame on you.

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