Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Scatological Humour Dept.

Last night we discovered that Queen Maya, the High and Mighty, must have found and ingested some rubber bands. How did we know this? Because she suddenly came skip-hopping through the room yowling and twisting with a turd attached to her rear end in a fashion much like this:

After we'd recovered from the explosive laughter and the comical chase and removal bit, M asked me to have a talk with Maya sometime. I'm not sure warning her she could choke will be effective, but we are willing to compromise. She will be allowed to lick plastic and give herself that ugly chacne as much as she likes without us taking if from her if she agrees not to ingest any further foreign objects or wake us with the crinkling. I am arranging a space at Camp David for us to begin our negotiations.

Thus we amuse ourselves.

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