Tuesday, November 09, 2004

The Holy Trinity

Not everybody knows it, but I loves me some breakfast cereal. I am not kidding. I. LOVE. IT. The only person who may rival me in this aspect is Jerry Seinfeld. Nevertheless, in our carb-condemning times, I have done my best to limit the amount of cereal, and pre-sweetened cereal in particular, that I consume. However, once in a while you've just gotta have it, and a little over a week ago was one of those onces... in a while.

Why a little over a week ago ? Because it was Halloween, my friends. Not only was it a time for sweets and chocolate, but it was a time when all the monster cereals they still make were available. So, I got me some Count Chocula, the most classic of the monster cereals, and thoroughly enjoyed it, both for breakfast and dessert. There's something about the combination of chocolate, not-quite-"marshmallows" and a goofy cartoon vampire that just gets me right where I live. I've had a fascination with vampires, cartoons and chocolate since I was a kid (especially since Mom didn't let us have sweetened cereals), so I guess that all figures. Ol' Chocula may have changed a lot over the years, but he is still the cereal mascot closest on the borderline to eeeee-viiiiiilll.

Unless you count that crazy Kaboom clown, I guess.


Anyway, I enjoyed eating my cereal, and playing the game that came on the back of the box, but little did I know there was more out there. Yes, that's right, I give you the sweetened cereal Holy Grail.

I was so upset to learn this existed, yet was not stocked in our local stores, that I nearly wept. Steve's C-Town C-Town C-To..? Are you listening to me? Next year, I'd better see this majestic combination in effect or there will be a protest.

That is all.

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