Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Bloomie to Gays: MWAH!

It may be toothless pandering, but Mayor Bloomberg had some pretty amusing comments for the gay crowd at a recent event. Here's the article I received, courtesy of La Snag...

LOVE him.

MAYOR Bloomberg was a big hit Sunday night with hundreds of gay men at the 19th annual Toys for Tots benefit at Pier 60. Hizzoner got cat-calls when he took the stage and one guy yelled out, "What's your number?" Bloomberg laughed and appeared to blush. Someone in the crowd joked that his number is "3-1-1," The Post's Stephanie Gaskell reports.

Then the mayor displayed some of the toys he was donating. The first was a disco doll. "I had platforms just like that one time," he laughed. Next, he pulled out an Elmo dancing to the gay disco anthem "YMCA," and then, a G.I. Joe doll "for those who like men in uniform." The crowd roared.

On a more serious note, Bloomberg revealed what he wanted for Christmas: "Low crime, a better economy and better schools and seriously, a city where sexual orientation just isn't an issue, period." He continued, "On a less serious note, I would take the Olympics and maybe a convention center stadium on our West Side — absolutely not a football stadium. It is a retractably covered automated convention extension exhibition annex. It may also be used eight Sundays a year by a groups of very large athletic men wearing tight pants." The crowd absolutely loved it.

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