Monday, December 06, 2004

News of the Day

Things you might have missed...

Oil and Water
I grew up smack on the Delaware River (well, a block away on one side, about three on the other), so news of this spill is breaking my heart. On the other hand, who knew I was drinking some of the same water now from the NYC system as I was then?

Anyone Got Jets Tickets?
The Jets may not be up there with New England or Pittsburgh at this point, but it looks like they've at least made a wildcard spot. Alas, it looks like I'll have to give up hope on the bumbling Giants (although at least nobody else looked able to slow down the Eagles [shudder] this year. Hey, good thing I live in NYC - I get a backup team!

Bush to Fish: DROP DEAD
The administration is gutting more environmental protections. Check out this diary from Daily Kos.

Lawless Courts and the Death Penalty
Yet another good diary from Daily Kos about how Texas courts have been ignoring Supreme Court rulings regarding death penalty cases. These folks really do think we're still living in the wild West, don't they?

Reflections on Abu Ghraib: The Use and Abuse of Prison Power in the United States
In related news, the event my beloved M has been working on is tonight. Yay, my beloved M! Check it out.

Gay News of the Day (Because We Get Own Own Special Section)
In Boston, 12 gay and lesbian veterans are suing for reinstatement after being discharged from the armed forces under "Don't Ask Don't Tell."
Gay marriage is back up for discussion in California and New Jersey,
and in the "HUHN?" of the day, a new study indicates that women who are dieting or on thyroid medication may be more likely to have lesbian babies. So, yes, Mom - it is all your fault. M - are you listening?

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