Tuesday, December 07, 2004

News of the Day

Thing you may have missed...

M's Panel Event Rocked!
Even though she blackballed me from submitting my question. I think she was trying to dispell any rumours of nepotism.
Anyway, her organization also turned 160, and her boss had some things to say about the Rockefeller Drug Law reform bill being tossed around in Albany.

It's Real!
Remember that Pentagon report I mentioned? Check this out.

Teen pregnancy in the Red States
Per 1,000

As Kos so eloquently put it, "when Red States get their social problems under control, and things such as teen pregnancy down to nationwide lows, then they can try and foist their solutions on the rest of the country."

Surprising Few, But Cheering Many
Eliot Spitzer has announced he's running for NY Governor. But what substitute curse word will I use when "Pataki!" is gone?

And in Other Good News for NY...
The state senate overruled Pataki's veto to raise the minimum wage. Now maybe the myriad 99 cents stores in my neighbourhood will upgrade to $1.99 stores.

At Least We Now Know How Krang Evolved
As if the Robo Roaches weren't wild enough, in the "What the...?" of the week, scientists are training the brain cells of a rat to fly a jet fighter. No, really.

More news when I feel like it...

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