Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Political Roundup of the Day

Things you may not have heard about...

Bush tried to get Canada to back him on Iraq during his "bridge-bulding" visit. The reaction? A resounding thud. (Insert lusty rendition of "O, Canada" here.)

Closer to home, NY is trying to put out a new set of rules for riding on the subway. I'm sure the teeming masses will obey them like little angels, especially after paying more for a train that derails.

Geneticists have found that stress causes DNA to actually age more rapidly. This is probably why I feel about 75 years old much of the time.

NBC and CBS have refused to air an ad from the United Church of Christ that welcomes gay people and minorities because they deemed it "too controversial." Unlike, say, the vicious capaign ads during the election?

Meanwhile, in other homo news, the U.S. Supreme Court also refused to touch the homos, passing the Massachusetts marriage issue back to the states. Are we once again participants in the love that dare not speak its name?

And in some good (and rather amazing) news, breakthrough treatmentss using stem cells have led to paralyzed women walking in South Korea and Brazil. The Korean case involved umbilical cells, while the Brazil type is not specified. If only Christopher Reeve lived to see the day... of course, he'd have to travel to a country where it was legal to cure him...

That's it for the day. Signing off...

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