Wednesday, December 15, 2004

News of the day

Things you might have missed...

Free at Last?
ABC News is now featuring an article on the damage inflicted upon the exonerated, including my belove M's friend Scott. Good article - more awareness should be raised.

Meet the New Boss...
... much like Iraq's old boss, the U.S. military has been torturing civilians, as found in both a Marine study and a Navy study. Must be fraternity hazing time again.

I'm Not Sure I Want This Much Women's Lib
Meanwhile, troops are spread so thin that the U.S. armed forces are beginning to break their own rules and send female troops to the front (while claiming they're not really, of course). Not that I don't think that women can be as good soldiers as men (or better), but I'm just waiting for all the rules to be upturned and get my over-aged, fat, out lesbian ass called for the draft...

Just Buy A Burial Plot - It's Cheaper
Back at home, Retirees Are Paying More for Health Benefits, Study Says.

Oh, and Cheney is still lobbying to make the tax cuts permanent, since they're doing most Americans so much good.

And you know what else? We're still throwing millions of dollars at a defense system that doesn't work.

Duh AND Argh!
And freakin' Pataki is still trying to run for office!

No Wonder The Rest of the World Hates Us
No, really.

How Do You Say "Fuck You" in Inuktituk?
Still, not everyone in North America is an idiot. For instance, Eskimos have stuck upon the excellent idea of (appropriately)casting global warming as a human rights issue in order to effect U.S. policy.

But It Still Won't Save Us from That Giant Asteroid
...about to hit The West Wing. Some brilliant astronomers are all set to smash up a comet - and not just for special effects or missile testing.It seems they can actually learn something by blowing it up. Well, whaddaya know?

But Back to Me
I admit it: I'm one of those people buying presents for myself. Hey, you get to a certain age and who else is gonna play Santa? Disgustingly rampant consumerism aside, we all should get to treat ourselves to something nice once in a while, and if we need the excuse of Xmas in our overstressed lives, so be it. But just so we're clear, I'm not buying $200 jeans or anything.Because they don't make them to fit my overfed rump.

Where's My Advance?
To support my self-gifting habit, maybe I can join the list of bloggers who are now getting book deals.All I have to do is prove that somebody's reading this. Hello? Hello...?

The Doves of Peace Got Eaten
But at least it's because of some bona-fide good news. It seems that Pale Male and Lola are getting their nest back. Yaaaay! I'm sure the pigeons on my local traffic-post will be thrilled.

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