Friday, December 03, 2004

News of the Day

Things you might have missed...

What's All This About Cold Fusion?
An interesting explanation of fusion and the recent hub-bub.

Heh. Somebody did a good job mocking this up.

Is this for real? Stay tuned...
Congress writes to Blackwell: Voting Irregularities

Bush hasn't made it to a single funeral of a soldier killed in HIS war.
Guess who did?

Who's in the coalition?
Another good piece from Daily Kos shows which countries have committed troops to the Iraq war.

Bhopal (sigh).
Twenty years later, victims of this tragedy have still not been adquately compensated. But at least Dow apologized. Oh, wait - no, they didn't.

New Zealand Moves To Legalize Gay Unions
But can you marry hobbits?

Animal News
Things are looking up a bit for bears, but not so much for birds.

And finally, in honour of Cat Blog Friday, The Top 16 Signs Your Cat is Getting Old

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