Thursday, December 16, 2004

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Things you may have missed...

Aah, Just Throw 'Em in Jail
Like they do with the rest of the nutjobs.
A Flood of Troubled Soldiers Is in the Offing, Experts Predict

It's Between Grandma and the Baby
Because it seems both of them can't get vaccinated. The federal government is using money that was intended for vaccinating children to pay for flu vaccines for adults, which means that they're trying to cover up the recent flu vaccine mismanagement (and throw a little more money GlaxoSmithKline's way) by taking standard childhood preventative vaccinations away from the disadvantaged.

Oh, and did I mention the flu vaccines are expiramental?

Celebrate Good Times, Come On!
Bush Planning Inaugural Bash Despite War
He loves him some himself.

Assuming The Inauguration Happens...
Well, of course it will, but a girl can dream can't she? Anyway, there are some investigations into possible voter fraud still going on, although, according to this excellent diary, not enough attention is being paid to black voter disenfranchisement. Food for thought.

Those Silly Brits
Britain's Highest Court Overturns Anti-Terrorism LawBritain's Highest Court Overturns Anti-Terrorism Law
Good thing we Amuricans can still disappear folks at Gitmo.

Giving is Trendy
But at least it's still good. It seems that more and more big retailers are selling products that include donations to charities. It may just be an expedient way to get customers to feel good about shopping with them, but can anything that gets Americans contributing to worthy causes be all bad?

Was Abraham Lincoln a Gay American?
I don't know where I fall on this one, but it sure is fun to read about!

Can We Have Padded Seats?
Since we're going to pay more for our Metrocards? While I'm disgusted with how the MTA has screwed up their finances, an extra 6 bucks a month for the ability to ride on the of the largest and most convenient mass transit systems in the world seems fair enough. It's still a reasonable deal, although I worry for those who are less fortunate that I am who cannot afford increases. The major problem lies in both state and city changes to the MTA's finances and how the MTA has handled them. For more information, I highly recommend

How about Toilet Seats?
I had no idea public bathrooms were opened at the Times Square station. Will wonders never cease? Of course, this article is several months old. They could have been turned into condos by now.

Well, I'll Be a Monkey's Uncle
A whole new species of primates has been found in the Himalayas! It seems there are new and wonderful things to find on the land of this old Earth as well as in the sea and air. Clearly, we'd better speed up the pollution and killing process!

But The "Geneva Dodgers" Doesn't Sound Quite Right
Some actual common sense about mass transit is spreading...
Tram Seeing Rebirth From Geneva to Sydney

Gas Gobbler?
And in other interesting, if wierd, news, the environmental solution to fossil fuel dependence might be... turkey poo?

Waiter, There's a Bug in my Chocolate
Think it sounds kooky to preserve foods in whey to save on excess wrapping? You don't want to know what's in that "confectioner's glaze"...

Quick, Cut That Teacher's Pay!
For doing something good for kids! Aw... (sniff)... I think my frozen heart just melted...

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