Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Christ in a hatchback, this "president" drives me into inexpressible, apoplectic rage! Now that his war and reach-arounds for the oil industry have driven up gas prices enough to threaten his party's mid-term election results, one of his bright solutions is to "temporarily" lower EPA clean-air standards for fuel.

Is anyone willing to join me in a plan to have him mauled to death by endangered species? What if WE are the endangered species?

More intelligent analysis here.

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Qenny said...

I feel for you! What will it take before someone in a position of power actually starts impeachment proceedings? I've been asking the same question in the UK, because if Tony Blair decides to join Bush Jnr in invading Iran as well, I just want to make sure we can rip him away from the steering wheel before he drives the good old double-decker bus that is Brittania over a cliff.