Monday, April 03, 2006

What Do The Rockefeller Laws Indicate For This?

When I got home from the gym this morning, I glanced into the kitchen and stopped short. At first, I couldn't really tell what the substance was on the floor. One cat was yowling at me for breakfast in his usual manner, but then... all three other cats were writhing on the linoleum. Queen Bitch cat, in fact, was rolling drunkenly not one foot from both Loaner Cat and The Little One, both of whom she is normally trying to draw and quarter. Yes, the substance on the floor was, indeed, a copious amount of catnip.

It seems that somebody managed to squeeze his or her little paw into a small, inadvertant opening in The Forbidden Drawer, haul out the entire bag of nippage and rip it to shreds, dragging it as he or she went. I suspect Loaner Cat, since he's young, curious and an unknown factor. Also, he was trying to swallow the plastic nip bag when I came in.

The Little One made herself scarce, but not before I saw she was practically bedazzled with herbal flakes. The others were all the same, with Queen Bitch perhaps the most dishabille, three sheets to the wind and close to farting pixies. If they'd have managed to have the Dead playing on the boom box and the lava lamps on, I would not have been surprised.

It took some time cleaning up, between the hysterical laughter and unwrapping eleven pounds of Loaner Cat from the broom every few seconds. The stumper is, did we have this coming, as we were clearly depriving the children, or do they deserve some sort of punishment? Do felines get hangovers?

Weighty questions, indeed. I, however, received my 'awa in the mail today. So, I suspect between that and celebrating Mrs. Nator's landing of a large grant for work, I may spend the better part of the evening butt-waxing the lino, myself.

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Cap'n Dyke said...

Ahh, the nip of the cat! Kittie Heaven no doubt consists of those annoying crunchy-foil coloured balls and sheaves of catnip waving in the breeze of flutterbys just waiting to be batted...

you, DN and the Mrs., deserve some nip yourself. Enjoy!