Friday, April 21, 2006

Fare Thee Well, Fine Feline Friend

Boo and hoo! Loaner Cat is leaving. His real person finally got a new place, so we are bringing him back to her this Sunday. Alas! We got accustomed to his face, if not his chronic indigestion. We'll miss his goofy, gangly, adolescent ways - with the playing and the annoying the other cats, knocking things over and continually looking perplexed. Queen Bitch Cat must've lost at least a pound or two on the Pure Hatred Diet™, thanks to him. He has bumbled and snuggled his way into our hearts.

It was perhaps fotunate I was home sick, today. We shared some excellent farewell cuddling, and he showered me with affection, purrs, and fur - lots of it. Take good care and thanks for visiting, our sweet, spotted bandito. We hope you don't get too bored with no other kitties to harass. Don't forget to write!

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