Friday, July 28, 2006

Short Attention Span Theatre

or, "Bravely Blogging From My Sickbed With The Last Ounce Of My Strength"

OK, it's not that bad, but the doctor informed me yesterday that not only did the antibiotics not cure my ear infection, but it's spread to the other ear. (I was wondering why Mrs. Nator had learned American Sign Language for "please turn down the goddamn television!") So, I've been given some kind of Mega-Super-antibiotic, which is destroying my digestive tract as I type, and will commence resting comfortably in bed, naked, with the TiVo remote and a cat on my head.

Let's see what random stuff I can come up with, shall we?

Help, Help I'm Being Oppressed!

On the one hand, it's terrible that some straight people feel that they're being harassed by gay people in Provincetown. My dear homos, we should all know better.

On the other hand "O, poor me! Whiiiney-woo! Those mean gay people are calling me names. It's not fair, you big bullies!" Hee.

Holding Our Tongues

Alright, I know with a header like that you're expecting some blue jokes, but I'm going to be serious for a minute. There's an excellent column by Kurt Andersen in New York magazine this week, called Truly Inconvenient Truths. It well captures the conflicting feelings most liberals like me have about the situation in the middle east, particularly Israel and Lebanon.

Unlike those who think sending in the troops can fix everything, the left wing seems frozen in an overwhelmed state of not knowing which choices are the least of all evils. I know that I haven't blogged much about the horror, disgust, anger and sadness I've been feeling about the further escalation of violence there, in part because I don't feel I'm qualified to analyze the sociopolitics, another part because have no idea what can be done about it, and a third part because I don't want to get in an argument with friends who strong feelings about it and relatives in the area. The truth is, I am scared and heartbroken at the state of humanity as demonstrated in this ongoing conflict, but I don't say much about it because it's confusing and it hurts. And that's not even counting the mishegoss that's going on around World Pride.

Let's face it, mine is not a politcally-themed blog, but it's amazing that even established bloggers like Kos are so overwhelmed by the killing that they refuse to talk about it. Maybe we all need to talk about it more, so we can understand each other, but I also fear that many people's feelings about this are so strong and entrenched, that talking doesn't mean communicating, but turns to shouting or worse.

Coming Out Of The Dark

Now that I've thoroughly depressed myself, let's talk about something awesome. That I'm so gay I use a Gloria Estefan song as my header? No, silly, that Natalie did not get eliminated from So You Think You Can Dance last night! Wooo!

I swan, I was sure she was a goner. Ryan has been in the firing range for some time, so pulling him as her partner seemed to toll the first death knell, I thought. Getting disco and contemporary as her styles was the second, especially since Ivan and Allison got the tango (which they'd already done well) and hip hop, and Benji and Heidi pulled each other and Broadway and mambo (seriously, they were like a dream team on those dances, there was no way one of them would be going home). So, when she was in the bottom two I was resigned to her fate, and she seemed to be, too. I mean, I was surpised enough that Allison was in the bottom two; I couldn't believe America would vote her perky, pretty ass off.

Considering all this I was gobsmacked and thrilled when Natalie made it, and considering how thoroughly she lost her shit, she seemed to be shocked, too. Not that I feel great about Allison losing - she is an amazing and incredibly versatile dancer, and with most of the contestants at the end being so great, it's sad when they're voted off. (Actually, I wish they didn't insist on one guy and one woman being voted off each week, because I think Ivan deserved to be booted in her place.) But, oh, Natalie, my little Greek persimmon! How you danced your heart out, bum knee and all. Please pull yourself together and continue to bedazzle and beguile us next week. And if you're ever hankering for some girl-on-girl-on-girl action, Mrs. Nator and I are totally planning on seeing you and the others on the big tour. I'm just sayin'.


Lynette said...

sorry you're puny. can you get some ProBiotics to fight the effect of those antibiotics on your gut? (everyone's mama, just ask me ;-) )

naked. sick. cat on head. Tivo in hand. very cute.

i'm with ya, i don't know what to say about the israel/hezbollah thing. it just overwhelms me. i don't know what's right. it's scary, seemingly hopeless.

"little greek persimmon" ~ i love your words :-)

Elizabeth McClung said...

Bummer you have a "super" biotic ear - this wasn't what I saw on Bionic woman was it?

I have to admit to using the term "breeder" now and again, usually directly after some woman says to me, "Well, you wouldn't understand, you're not a mother." after finding out I'm a big lezzie but before asking if I have kids because...lezzies don't have children, they only abduct them!

Well, I don't blog about anything except me - and gay and lesbian issues and more about me but I am inspired by your.....poking? And I will do a blog on Isreal/Palistine - short though it may be. It is interesting the level of total disinterest globally however in what the BBC referred to as "the largest human war displacement since WWII" - I think Cambodia and Somalia might have been bigger but still - seems kinda odd doesn't it.

Qenny said...

Sorry to hear you're poorly. I'm sending waves of getwellness to swirl over you and make you feel better. Still, it hasn't stopped you blogging wonderfully. The whole middle east thing is really depressing, isn't it? And I can't see an end to it, which is even less heartening.

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