Friday, July 21, 2006

Friday Cat Blog, High-Tech Edition

So, now that I’ve got a new camera I’ve gone a bit crazy. So far, Maurice and Quan Yin have been mostly uncooperative with my photographic endeavours (QY is actually terrified of the lens, for some reason) but I did get this shot of the MoMeister: And, since Maya is such a curious attention-hound, I actually got this riveting video footage of her:

I know, it’s like a gift from God. (Try freezing it in the middle of one of her meows – too cute!)

Please ignore the sty-like state of the bedroom, BTW.

Finally, I’ve got my Cape Cod photos up on my Flickr page, if anyone’s interested. I’m working on organizing some other shit and transferring my old stuff over from my Yahoo account. Most of it is your run-on-the-mill snapshots, but I’m trying to get more arty about it. I may even take a class, soon. In the meantime, feel free to critique.

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