Monday, July 17, 2006

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Mostly, I was sick. You'd think after braving the jungles of Costa Rica twice and the rugged terrain of Hawaii once (not to mention the sheer culture faux pas that is Wildwood Crest, NJ) the milder shores of Cape Cod would be no problem. However, I was too excited to sleep for days before our trip, and by the morning of I had started in on a honker of a sore throat and headache combo. By the time we were there a couple days, I could barely speak or hear, so I had to go to the local clinic. A hundred dollars later, the verdict was in: severe throat and ear infection, time to go on antibiotics. Feh! in the extreme.

Fortunately, Mrs. Nator was patient and I had my new camera to amuse me. So, as I fought off chills and squeaked around sounding like a combination of Marlee Matlin and Peter Brady in the voice-changing episode, we were still able to do a few activities, like take one squillion pictures of nature subjects and ogle the super hot bears all over the place.

Yes, as previously noted, it was Bear Week in Ptown, and those gentlemen were so sex-ay that even us hardcore lesbos nearly swooned. I was too shy to take their pictures (sorry, boys), but here is a substitute of our new Christmas ornament, Cosmo. And BTW, did you know that the instant the Bears clear out, the EuroFags are back in force?

Anyway, as I got better, so did the vacay, and we did take an extra day at the end off so we could get that whale watch in. There's no place like the Cape. So, to give you a taste, here are a few wobbly videos of some of the things we saw. I think YouTube screws with the resolution (not to mention I had no steadycam, alas), but hey, I like to share.

More photos when I get the time to edit them and upload them to Flickr. Anyone want to go in on a timeshare?

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