Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Further Notes On My "Personality"

Yet Another Reason I Am A Bad Person

So, I went to the orientation for a weight loss group at a major NY hospital yesterday, towing Mrs. Nator along for support. Although the folks running it seemed nice and knowledgable, I felt the program probably will not be a good fit for me. It requires a year-long commitment with group meetings every week, and doesn't involve the kind of medical monitoring I'm looking for, considering my history. Moreover, the meeting room was depressing (grubby old hospital conference room with fake wood panelling and folding chairs), as was the group assembled there. Seriously, I've rarely seen such a bunch of sad sacks in my life. I'm upset about being fat, but I'd rather not let it suck the oxygen out of my environment, if you catch my drift.

That said, and setting aside my general misanthropy, you want to know one of the things that bothered my most? Everyone was so old and fat. Seriously - I sat in a weight loss group and internally recoiled at all the fat people, even though I am fat, myself. The devil has a special place in his heart for me (and I him, but that's another matter).

Afterwards, I couldn't help confessing to the lovely wife, "I felt so awful, because I just kept thinking 'my God, I'm not like them, am I?'" Mrs. Nator assured me that I was the youngest and cutest specimen amongst the group by far, but then, she's biased. Long story short, I'm still in the market for the right weight loss program. I do think I'm going to follow up with the group's nutritionist to see if she can recommend a good doctor, though.

Yet Another Reason I Am A Big Geek

I've been having my chronic insomnia problems lately, due most likely to the weather, still getting over being sick and improper diet. I know that going to the gym in the morning would make me feel better and help me sleep, but how I am supposed to haul my voluptuous ass outta bed to work out in the morning when I've been up half the night with insomnia?

Aaaanyway, having exhausted my TiVo cache of I Love The 70s, Volume II, I started to watch a Science Channel show on, yes, tugboats. I guess being in Cape Cod had made me feel all nautical, and I'd seen some of the NY harbour tugs doing some interesting things of late, so in my usual frenzy of taping nature specials and science shows I slipped that one into the schedule. As of 4:00 a.m. I had learned all about the technical advances in tugboat engine technology and the number of anchors on an oil rig. This morning I have spent at least a half an hour gleefully surfing through sites dedicated to tugboats. Note, of course, that this is knowledge that I will never use and will never come up in discussion unless I choose to visit our local mariners' retirement home. BTW, isn't that on Fourth Avenue...?

I will notify you if I decide to be called "Cap'n" anything in the near future.


Lynette said...

heh. nope, i'm not "like them" either. much younger cuter skinnier better more stylish cuter younger cuter younger even at 49. there's FAT and there's fat . . . keep looking. you'll find the right place.

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