Monday, July 24, 2006

Grab This

I am honoured to have been linked from noLandGrab, the awesome anti-Atlantic Yards site, even if it was just noting how Atlantic Yards has become nigh unto a curse word in the zeitgeist. Power to The People, y'all!

Alas, I'm pretty sure anyone who comes here thinking they might get a coherent analysis of real estate development in Brooklyn is going to be asking "WTF is all this crap?"

C'est la vie.

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NoLandGrab said...

Au contraire mon frere!

The Building I Hate was a testament to the fact that the people who actually live in the community are experts on the neighborhood, not developers and their well-greased pols. Your piece deserved some respect from people who are concerned about the effect of overdevelopment through out the borough.

It also proved that overdevelopment seems to be on everyone's mind these days...