Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Well, I did it: joined the ranks of the YouTube nation today. Mrs. Nator gave in to my moaning (Whinging - Getting Me What I Want Since 1970!™) and let me get the fancy-dancy super-toy camera I've wanted, and I had to test it out. So, I give you our first little movie, a critique of the NY firworks as seen from the back window of our apartment.

Not bad for shooting with 40+X zoom at the lowest resolution, if I may say so, myself. You can even see the F train going by, despite the lack of a tripod, and hear the constant thrum of the Prospect Parkway, behind our inane commentary. And yes, we are usually that stupid. You've gotta find some way to pass the time.

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Qenny said...

I've not had the chance to watch the video yet, but loved the "Whinging" thing!