Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Yes, I'm One of Those

Crazy people obsessed with cats. What did you think I meant?

And since I just had another delightful half-hour explain-a-thon with my insurance company, who has refused to pay me hundreds of dollars owed to me going back to last year, I could use a little comedy.

Hence, the following montage. Yes, I am a dork. And cats were probably hurt in the making of this video. But so were babies, so that makes it okay.


Qenny said...


I laughed quite a lot. And, yeah, cats and babies got hurt. It looked like they were consenting, or at least it was their own fault when they did get hurt, so no cause for complaint.

Lynette said...

omg, i laughed out loud. and i'm alone in my warehouse! they were hysterical :-) most of those moves, i've seen my babies do at one time or another. love the furbabies.