Tuesday, July 18, 2006


It’s weird being back. I’m still half-deaf, I miss the ocean, and the hairy gay men all over the place, and I saw a meeting on my boss’ schedule with the head of marketing and the topic of the meeting was… me. So… I don’t really know what that’s about. Having decided a while ago that I’m not really all that invested in this job, I’m not terribly worried, but it is a little… curious, to say the least.

Meanwhile, yet another section of the middle east is on fire. I’m so glad my friends are planning on going to World Pride in Jerusalem! Oy. Mrs. Nator & I actually discovered that we were having the same daydream the other day, of removing all the people from the entire “holy” region and making it somehow wholly uninhabitable, so no one could fight over it anymore. At first I thought of making the whole place radioactive, but I could just see the radical fundamentalists of all stripes donning holy hazmat suits, or claiming that God’s particular love for them would counter the radiation. It would have to be razed completely, or covered by a force-field of some kind. And everyone could move elsewhere. Canada has a lot of room – and Australia. Even Greenland. The thing is, I’m sure they’d find something to kill each other over, anyway, whether it be whose fault it was the holy land was taken away or... anything, really. Some strange amalgam of Shiite/Canadien-nationalists vs. the Zionist-Laplander Front, or some such. And even then? Everybody could still get together and hate the gays!

Also, while I was away, there were tornados in Westchester and now it’s so hot that the pavement and train rails are literally melting. Is it the End Days? No wonder Maya shrieked at me when I turned down the AC before leaving today. (In Catspeak, apparently, “MAAAOOOOW!” translates as “Bitch, I know you ain’t turnin’ that coolbox on “power saver” – less you want a whole buttload of new peircings in your sleep, that is.”)

Aaaanyway, here’s some random things that are flitting through my mind as I re-acclimate to life in the big city:

Superman Makes Me Sad

We finally saw the new Superman movie on vacation and… it was… meh. Part of the reason is that I just can’t stop thinking of poor Christopher Reeve becoming completely paralyzed and dying – I mean, how can you not, especially when the new guy is doing his best to play Christopher Reeve playing Superman?

I had more thoughts, but I’ll let you read Bunche’s review and my rejoinders in his comments, if you’re interested. I just can’t work up the energy to write a whole review… especially since I’m still working the sleep-tingles out of my limbs from sitting in the theatre for, like, 12 hours.

Margaret Cho Makes Me Sad

Because she’s just not funny anymore. I’ve thought this for awhile, while Mrs. Nator has hopefully speculated that the lack of funny was some temporary side-effect of the comedian suddenly becoming frighteningly skinny after years of making jokes and speeches about how being fat was OK. This analysis coming from a woman who lost about 100 pounds over the past year or two, so she may have a point, although Mrs. Nator is still occasionally funny, herself (but, come one, we all know I’m the funny one, right?).

Anyway, Mrs. N had not given up on La Cho, yet, so we ponied up for her show at The Vixen (shudder!) in Ptown, and the place was absolutely, let’s-hope-she-hasn’t-added-any-pyro-to-her-show packed. We were warmed up by a not-terribly-funny “gay, white rap” act (tired) from L.A (natch), and then Ms. Cho entered to great adulation. Alas, her show turned out to consist of long periods of preaching to the choir about how gays should have equal rights (I’m sure that’s going to be really controversial in Provincetown, darling), going on some depressing tangent about how she’s in a really bad place because her ex-agent is suing her, and really old routines from years ago that actually appeared on her television specials. The whole thing made me feel a little cheap, like since we’re gay we’re supposed to love everything she does and not expect our money’s worth, and a little sad for her, like – is she so depressed that she can’t be bothered, anymore? It was, in truth, a bit troubling.

However, she is not scary-scary skinny, anymore. She is normal and healthy looking. So, that’s good.

No New Episodes Of Janice Dickinson On My TiVo Makes Me Sad

Because: obviously.

The World Is A Crazy Place, Part I

And you don’t need this blarticle on Florrie Fisher (inspiration for Strangers With Candy’s Jerri Blank) to tell you so, but it doesn’t hurt.

The World Is A Crazy Place, Part II

When I was a wee lesbian, back in the early 90s, and living with my first lesbian girlfriend, we went to see a short animation festival. We, especially I, were completely taken with a cartoon called The Big Snit. In fact, it became one of those inside jokes, wherein we constantly compared our relationship to the couple in the short, and I started drawing Snit characters on post-it notes during my mind-numbing data-entry job and slapping them up all over the apartment, much to the confusion of our snotty roommate. Ah, youth! But anyway, I hadn’t been able to find the film anywhere for years, and thus pretty much forgot everything about it, until I learned today that it was on YouTube, and here it is.

Leading me to conclude:

1. That is some seriously weird shit.

2. Surely that says something about how fucked up our relationship was, long before our torrid break-up.
3. It’s still funny.

Cheerio, Kids.


Qenny said...

It looks like the chances of the Holy Land becoming a radioactive wasteland are increasing all the time. And if a whole load of fundies want to go there to prove that their god will protect them from the radiation, then I say let them.

Anonymous said...


I'm her ex-manager/business partner, the person Margaret said is suing her. Did she really say that? Because she is the one that sued me! Her attorney is the one who just finished suing Michael Jackson. I've been blogging on and off about it here: www.margaretchoandme.blogspot.com. Anyway, if you wouldn't mind emailing me, I'd love to ask you a couple questions about what she said exactly. Thanks. (karen.taussig at gmail.com)

P.S. You're right on about her, btw. It's all very sad.

Lynette said...

that is some seriously weird shit. a video called "the family dog" made me almost reconsider the prospect of a life with Michael when we first got together. it was . . . well, not my cup of tea, to say the least, and his chuckling assurance that it was "our kind of humor" caused me to think that he might actually NOT be the one.

but he is and i just skipped The Dog and all was well. but that shit, wow.

and the cho thing. double wow.