Monday, January 22, 2007

BrrrrTTT. grrRRRizzBANG- tink! tink! - rrRRRuummm...

Such is the noise of busy things being done by busy little minds and busy little hands in Natorland.

I've been socializing with people! People who actually like me and make me feel good about myself, rather than making me feel like a big loser!

I've been getting creative! I wrote the first draft of a story this weekend, and took a number of photos!

I've been looking for a new job! I've got some leads, and I'm hammering out my resume and cover letters, as well as some pro bono web projects I can put online to demostrate my skillz.

I may be more devoted to this than blogging for a little while. Further bulletins as events warrant.


Ken said...

Good luck to you and Shmoo, too.

Susie our black cat was doing the same as Shmoo and the vet said to change their food to Iams Hairball formula. Same great taste as what they had been getting, Iams Original. It worked and her tummy is furry again.

As for you dear, go find a great new job and be rid of those Opry creeps.

First Nations said...

this sounds encouraging! this sounds great! consider yourself cheered on!
*shakes pompoms encouragingly*

claire said...

so does this mean that your current job will be vacant soon? um... you know, just asking.

well, i'm wooooo-ing for you here. i hope you get what you're looking for; i know how hard it can be. :) woooooo!

First Nations said...

..and hey
speaking for your public, we reserve the right to read it and adore it.

git crackin.