Friday, January 12, 2007

Sadly, It's So True

You Have Low Self Esteem 80% of the Time
You tend to blame yourself when things go wrong, regardless of whether it's your fault or not. You're anxious to please others and rely too much on their opinions. Learn to please yourself first, and your confidence will soar.


Ken said...

Sounds like what you need, my dear, is a raise. Did you ever get that interview with the (acting) boss?

Da Nator said...

Hey, Ken. Alas, not yet. It's been postponed multiple times, now. The acting director got hired as director now, so maybe that's why she's so busy. Still, it kind of reinforces my feeling that the higher-ups don't give a shit about me, my efforts or my time.

If I had higher self-esteem, I might be less discouraged by this. Kind of a vicious circle, y'know?

BigAssBelle said...

no. i won't allow it. i want you to recognize your amazing self as being just that.