Monday, January 29, 2007


Well, I just got called into my old boss' office. In the hugest coincidence ever, three weeks after I asked for a raise, they have decided to "restructure" my job. This means that they are creating a new job - essentially my job with a few other things thrown in - and eliminating mine. Surprise!

I am told that I am "welcome" to apply for the new job, but that it probably won't pay as much as what I was already dissatisfied with for my present position. Well, draw a line down my forehead and call me Fanny. If I don't apply for it, I'm out of here sometime in February.

I suppose I should be happy, since I've been trying to engineer my way out of here for some time, and have started looking for something else. My outrage, however, stems from the duplicitous, eeeeviiil way they do things around here. What's more, now I have to dick around with the lying liars who lie in HR, to find out if I don't apply for the new position if they will try to say I quit and deny me severance or jeopardize my unemployment pay. So, where I realize that, overall, this is probably a good thing that will get me out of here and moving towards a career I actually like, I am, for the moment, consumed with anger and hatred for the entire administration of this organization. Not surprised at their behaviour, which is business as usual for them, mind you - just enraged.

Meanwhile, I just discovered these on Friday, and now I am going to the endocrinologist and nutritionist today to try to set up a weight loss plan. Life just isn't fair.

On the other hand, at least I wasn't born into a culture that hunts for days to happily consume the delicacy of unwashed warthog anus.


Chaucer's Bitch said...

Fucking bastards. Surely if they deny you your severance rights by claiming you quit you have grounds for a lawsuit?

Good luck with the job hunt.

Kenyo said...

I tell my young friends, "Don't work for non-profits or charities." The management there are all amateurs at it. They have no idea how to manage people or projects.

Where do they find these people?

It's time, dear Nator, to get out that cook book with the lemonaide recipes in it.

I can speak only for how California HR laws handle it, but there, in California, if your company does away with your job description you are laid off, not fired. Among other things, the fact that they have changed the job description or will pay the next person less means they have terminated the position you held.

You are not expected to even apply for the newly defined position. And if they reinstate the old position in less than five years, get a lawyer and start looking at real estate in the Bahamas.

Most of all remember, an unemployment check is not the dole. You earned it. Take all the time you can before taking that next job.

In my case the state sent me to a class to learn web site design. Ha, ha. I was 60 at the time. Never could get hired... But I have a great web site, and yes I even know CSS and JavaScript and XML. And I have kept my amateur status. I have not made a penny off the Internet. Yet.

This is not legal advice. Go see your state or city employment people, they can give you the best counseling in these matters.

Qenny said...

Maybe you should look at emigrating.

I hear New Zealand's nice.