Friday, January 05, 2007

Friday Cat Blog - HRH Maya, Queen of All She Surveys

Today's Cat Blog is dedicated to the one, the only, Maya the Shmoo. She may be getting older and wider, but she is also getting plusher and more snuggly as time goes on. Maya is the kitty with serious attitude - the one who gets what she wants when she wants it, or you will fear her wrath. Her tones are far from dulcet, as she is both deaf and cantankerous, but she lets out the cutest little snorfling purrs when she licks our ears at night before we go to sleep. She is the cat who sleeps between us, and the one that we most pine for when we go away. In short, Mrs. Nator and I are both deeply in love with Ms. Maya, in all her bizarre, cranky, chacne-infested glory.

Thank God she's not a person, however. The world would tremble!

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