Tuesday, January 16, 2007


This worst thing that could ever happen to anyone in the scheme of all things has happened to us!

Our TiVo has stopped working!!!


O God, Why hast thou forsaken us?

[Curls in fetal position and sobs softly]

Oh, and I have too much media to fit on my 30GB iPod, so clearly I need a 60GB.

Who says North Americans are spoiled?


Chaucer's Bitch said...

i don't even have a TV.

Ken said...

Oh, Da Nator, you had me worried.

When you announced tragedy I assumed you had either a paper cut (that is the worst thing that can happen) or you had broken a fingernail. Not just that you had TiVo problems and disk space troubles.

But seriously folks, how can TiVo not WORK? It always works. I think it has to. Otherwise it could be dangerous.

We of course are serious, advanced TiVo users -- after we save a program we never have to watch it.

Qenny said...

We do have a TV. I think it's that thing that my Lovely Husband™ spends time in front of when I'm playing games on my PC or practising magic.