Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Wherein, Once Again, I Prove I Am "Special"

I got a blocked, infected tear duct this weekend. According to Teh Internets, this usually only happens to infants or elderly people. Way to burst those boundaries once again, me!

So, I was still all swollen and a bit feverish yesterday, and had to postpone my raise-request meeting, myself. It's now going to be on Thursday. Antici... pation!

Meanwhile, I am suspicious of the sudden influx of young interns at my job. I wonder if they are thinking of replacing me with one. If so, get on with it, please. Don't deny my raise so I have to quit and then hire one.

Two more reasons I am special?

  1. I've signed up for a writing workshop! Which means I'm going to have to write! More than just this blog! Gasp!
  2. Mrs. Nator wants to have children with me. Um, like, soon, she has now made it known.


If this happens, I'm expecting that this means either my brain will explode, or we will take over the world.

Who, me? Dramatic?


Qenny said...

Good luck on the having children front. My Lovely Husband™ is likely to get involved in conversations with a lesbian couple (friends of friends) who want to do the same and are interviewing candidate donors.

First Nations said...

i live right down the road from a purveyor of cryogenically stored bull spoo called Diamond Inc. give them a dingle...maybe they have a black market sideline; who knows? They way I look at it chances are good cuz you gotta figure they play with that Acu-Jac thing at parties.(real device, real name. guess what it does? guess where they put it?)
2. writing workshop: CONGRATULATIONS! hey, you DO hve balls. um, maybe, um...
3. i get the tear duck thing alla time. now i can blow bubbles out my eyesockets, the ducts are so hogged out.

Da Nator said...

FN: Ew. Just... ew.

But do your tear ducts look like they're filed with bull spoo?

BigAssBelle said...

boo on the eye thing. yea on the writing thing. double yea on the baby. go, girl!