Friday, January 19, 2007

What Colour Is My Parachute?

I was finally supposed to meet with the Director of my department to ask for my raise today. Instead, I got a note this morning, saying my old boss would be meeting with me. Although we still primarily work together, she is in a different department, and thus has no connection to my department's budget. To top that off, as I think I've mentioned, we've grown somewhat tired of each other and butted heads before. Therefore, I found this change foreboding.

I was right to feel that way. Although my old boss was courteous and charming, she told me it was her duty to inform me that there was no room for a raise for me for the indefinite future. She did say that I was "in good company," in that many people are frustrated of late by the increased workload and lack of raises, but that, unfortunately, there was nothing that she could do about it. She also said that she does hope I'm looking for something else. She didn't sound mean about it - she actually sounded slightly encouraging, as if I could probably do better elsewhere. Still, her words very much formed a steel wall that I smacked into. There appears to be no hope of career or salary growth here in the foreseeable future.

So, what next? I've been combing job listings, and found a couple potentials to apply for, although I'm naturally nervous about it. I've been hoping that going to the writing workshop would help me focus and figure out if I want that to be part of my career, but that's not for a few weeks, and is not exactly a clear path to a fabulous worklife. I guess it's time to actually hire a career coach, as I've been contemplating, and work some things out. I'm a bit skeptical about it, as 1.) it's not cheap and 2.) I have a feeling that most of what's holding me back is the kind of personal emotional baggage some job listings and a Myers-Briggs test can't conquer, but at least it would be an attempt to do something concrete about my employment dissatisfaction.

More anon, I'm sure. Thanks for woooon-ing for me, and keep your fingers crossed.


Helen the Felon said...

Wow, that's crappy.
But at least they were honest with you. That's rare.

This has the potential to become a dare-to-be-great situation. I say work through the emotional stuff and make it happen, sister.

Chaucer's Bitch said...

yeah that sucks, but i gotta agree with H the F. at least they gave you a heads-up before handing you a pink slip. this way you've got time to look around and find something that really suits, rather than taking the first offer that comes your way just so you have something.

good luck with it all! I'm sure you'll find something super!

First Nations said...

thirding what they 'uns said.
do what you love.
go back towards working with animals in some fashion.

easy for me to say, right? when the bills are due you take what you can find. but if you have any cash cushion at all, don't settle. escape with some dignity!
hugs and hugs, my darling.
(your 13 talents are eerily familiar.)

TigerYogi said...

((HUGS)) :)