Thursday, January 04, 2007

The End Days Are Coming

The local news weatherman informed me this morning that the cherry trees in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden are blooming and turtles are basking. In January, people. No wonder Mrs. Nator & I are having crippling headaches. We've got spring and fall allergies in winter!

Tranquil natural beauty? or A SIGN OF CONSPIRACY AND IMPENDING DOOM?!

I'm beginning to wonder if the Bushies, et al, are destroying the environment on purpose. I mean, what better way to bring around the fundies' beloved End Days than causing the Earth to destroy itself though fires, floods, landslides, species die-offs, and all the other accoutrements of global warming? They're playing that they don't believe in it, but at the same time rubbing their hands togather in glee, thinking that between these disasters and getting some damn red calf into the Holy Land they'll for sure bring Jeebus back. Oh, yeah - and provoking the heathen Arabs. Let's not forget about that.

Anyway, poopy poopy grumble-pants. And also, my meeting to ask for a raise got postponed, so I'll be asking for it tomorrow. I just hope a particularly crusty mood is conducive to persuading higher-ups to pay me more. If I don't get blowed up, fried or washed away first, that is.


TigerYogi said...

I can't believe the weather either!

It's supposed to be 62 degrees this Saturday!! In Massachusetts!! In January!!!

What will the "January Thaw" be like, this year, I wonder?

Ken said...

Good luck with the raise and all the medical stuff. I hope your weather stays mild and doesn't average out the way it has for the last 3 million years.

I heard a rumor on a left-wing talk show that even W is going to (partially) admit that there maybe a teensie bit of truth to global warming. He will probably say he was for it all along and it's Clinton's fault.

Qenny said...

Erm ... I was rather under the impression that it's a known fact that fundamentalist xtians are actively working towards bringing about the "end times", and expecting any day to be raptured into heaven, where they will be greeted by 72 crystal clear raisins. Or some such.

First Nations said...

i'm wondering what a red calf has to do with it, but i suppose it fits in with qenny's crystal raisins.
christmas and january 'false spring' was pretty common in oregon. apocalyptic in ny!!!!
sending raise waves....
*transmission end

yes they make a 'woon' noise.

Da Nator said...

Thanks for the good luck vibes, y'all. I'm going into my meeting at noon, EST, so I'll let you know how it goes (if I don't pass out from nerves, first).

Qenny, darling - while it is true the fundies are working towards the end times, I'd always assumed the willful governmental destruction of the environment was due to mere greed (connections to the oil industry, etc.) and stupidity. It sometimes even occured to me that Shrub & the minions decided it didn't matter what they did to the Earth, as God would fix whatever he wanted and the rest didn't matter. It's only recently that I came to the conclusion (only half-joking) that they are purposefully trying to destroy the Earth to get the apocalypse going.

One can only hope they are swallowed by a mudslide, or eaten by an edangered species, at this rate...

Heather said...

Ooh - late to the blog today, just saw that you are meeting with TPTB for your raise even as I type this... WWWOONNNWWWOONNNWWWOONNN !!

Hope they get to you in time and get you a nice, fat raise!!!

Now the kiddo and I are off to the playground. Yes, that is unheard of for a January afternoon 'round this usually cold-n-snowy corner of upstate NY.